Our medical experts went to Shanxi and Henan to investigate the clinical trial base.


my company independent director Mr Qin Min, department director Feng medical experts such as a line of dusty ground to Shanxi, Henan and other places, and the related medical institutions to discuss patent products of our company clinical trial cooperation.

Coming to  famous 3 level hospital, taiyuan city, Shanxi Province center consists of taiyuan mammary gland disease diagnosis and treatment of mammary gland of hospital center, my company's medical experts to introduce the relevant staff "Hua Han Magic Acupunture" series of products used in the treatment for mammary gland diseases with characteristics and advantages of the medical staff of our company for the meeting on the recommended han needle god "" China products are very interested in, they have to come to consult my company's products and experience, and ready to start the mammary gland disease diagnosis and treatment together with our company as soon as possible in terms of phase iv clinical trials.

November 28 and 30, 2017, in "a new era Creating a healthy China "as the theme of the 78th session of the national drug trade fair, the 17th China international health fair, the sixth China health and nutrition fair held in Guangzhou of China import and export trade fair pavilion. The exhibition of national total of more than two thousand health enterprises exhibition, display area of ninety thousand square meters, four thousand booths, first attracted one hundred and twenty thousand visitors from all over the country provinces and cities of professional audiences, medicine SEC three days a total of more than 20 domestic and foreign medical people in copolymerization industry event.

The all-china women's federation secretariat of willows, China health care association director Xiao-ming Qin, food YanZhen, the administration's Vice director of Guangdong Province, guangdong province bureau deputy director of Chinese medicine KeZhong, deputy director of Fujian province business hall of Chen Ansheng, senior vice President of Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry association Zhang Mingyu, deputy director of the guangzhou business Chen Yongfang, zhangzhou food food safety chief was lisa and provinces association leadership, the United States, New Zealand consulate general in guangzhou commercial representatives, industry experts, scholars, famous enterprises leaders attended the exhibition series of activities.

My company's Marketing Department related colleagues attended the event, at the fair, my company's "hua han needle god" series of products once again become the focus of attention, already related customers from all over the country, have to come to consult and experience our products.

During the exhibition, our company also held a competitions on November 29th, related businesses and customers all over the country to join the meeting, the meeting my company colleagues detailed introduces the "Hua Han Magic Acupunture" to the customer product advantage and the latest development of our company. Customers after hearing interest is high, and a warm applause, for my company in the development process of 32 years, congratulations to all the remarkable achievements and consult our related product knowledge and policy in succession, ready to start distribution of "hua han needle god" series of products.